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All-Natural Supplements

Made with only Premium Natural Ingredients

 Made only with natural ingredients
 Made with only the highest quality ingredients
 Formulated for your optimal health

All our supplements are created with the science of natural health from the purest sources in nature. As with diet, the nutrition in a supplement should be from naturally grown or organic sources, and should be as digestible as possible to ensure optimal efficiency for maximum effect.

Many supplements on the market are made from synthetic ingredients, are over-processed, and can be loaded with fillers and chemical binders. This seriously reduces the effectiveness of the supplement, either by reducing the nutritional value or by rendering them difficult for the body to assimilate. 

When buying supplements you expect them to be effective and you also need to be certain that they are pure and free of contaminants. From time to time there are reports in the media about lead and other heavy metal contamination in supplements. You will never find these contamination problems with any of vipra | natural choices products. Our premium supplements are made with only natural ingredients from the purest sources, offering you the very best when it comes to health supplement products.

Made with special care for the environment

From harvesting to end product

 Made only with natural ingredients
 Eco friendly as no chemicals are used
 Strict sustainable harvesting
 No added color

Our philosophy is simple; we must minimize the intake of harmful chemicals and toxins in our diet and from our environment as it does harm to our health and can lead to cancer. With every product we offer we always ensure that we only source our natural ingredients from sources that are fully sustainable for the environment. Our AntarcticRed Krill Oil is harvested fully sustainable complying to strict international regulation of fishing around the Antarctic.

When it comes to processing our ingredients we use an environmentally friendly process that is 100% FREE of chemical solvents. This is a more costly process that however better ensures Grade A quality without the use of adding unnecessary chemicals in the process. This ensures pure natural supplements and benefits our environment and is very important to us and our customers.

For more information feel free to contact us.

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natural supplements

All our supplements are created with the science of natural health from the cleanest sources in nature. As with diet, the nutrition in a supplement should be from naturally grown or organic sources, and as complete and digestible as possible to ensure they are processed efficiently for maximum effect.

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